Christmas Sunday Market

Good Morning!

Happy January!  I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas holiday! For us it was full of lots of food, games, travelling and friends and family.

Today’s post is about the last stall I held at the Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam in mid December!  This version of the market was Christmas themed and so much fun!!  (I know… before you think it yes … it’s now January and we’re all fed up of Christmas but officially I’m within the twelve days of Christmas and if  I wait any longer I won’t be able to post this until December next year and it’ll be all out of date!)

Photo of the full stand (complete with our Christmas jumpers…of course!)

The market was a great success and it was lovely to meet so many of the market-goers!  There was plenty of locals popping by and also so many folks on holiday, it was particularly nice to speak to other native Brits and share our excitement over local dialects (it’s the small things in life)! Anyway, I’m diverging… I wanted to share with you some snap shots of some of the table treats…

We had some cute Cadbury chocolate brownie reindeers which guarded the stand as they were strung up on each side of the stall attracting a lot of attention….

We also had mini traditional English Christmas Cakes complete with whisky, marzipan and icing (no sixpences to be found in these though!).  They were suitable for two people but I know some bought them as one-person gifts and others for a family of four!

We had five or so cupcake bouquets which were the highlight of the stall!  It’s a little tricky to see the bouquets with the wrapping and reflections of the display cases so there are two thumbnails of the bouquets “pre-stall”.  The bouquets stole a lot of the attention and many people didn’t believe they were even cupcakes…

Then to top it all off we had a selection of four christmas flavoured cupcakes:

  • Chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream and marshmallow snowman
  • Cranberry cupcakes with a white chocolate frosting and star
  • Apple cupcake filled with homemade dulce de leche and topped with a cream cheese and caramel topping (all disguised as cute reindeers!)
  • Gingerbread cupcakes (which filled the kitchen with the most amazing Christmas smell when cooking!) topped with a cream cheese icing

It was a great day and we’re looking forward to the next market… I’ll give you a clue as to when it will be held…the cakes will feature a lot of red and pink cupcake roses 😉

Until next time – Happy Baking!

Greetings from a rainy Amsterdam,
Helen x


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