Avengers Style Cupcakes

Good morning!

I was looking at my site yesterday and two things struck me…
1.  I definitely need to remember to upload photos of my latest creations… we’re just a little (read A LOT!) behind

2.  It all looks really girly! I guess this is because I am a girl and my speciality is cupcake bouquets… but still it is just a teeny tiny bit too pink (if that is even possible!?)

However, with this next post I am to improve a little on the two points I mentioned by posting a new set of photos which are masculine! Clever huh?!

So without further ado, here are some images of a recent commission – AVENGER CUPCAKES!  I absolutely LOVED making these!  A little bit fiddly but the result is definitely worth that extra time.  There are 24 cupcakes (12 in vanilla and 12 in chocolate).  I mixed things up a little with the use of fondant, buttercream icing and a special “Thor” marshmallow.   Some folks prefer buttercream, some prefer fondant, some (like me) love both so hopefully this creation suited everyone at the party.

Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man

Hulk Fists

The Hulk fists were my favourite…it’s always so fun to see something “come to life”  in front of you.  These were created with fondant icing and was simpler than it looks, there are some good tutorials on pinterest!

Thor Baton

The  Thor baton was created with a white marshmallow. I rolled it into some black food colouring and sprayed it with edible silver spraypaint.  I stuck it to the buttercream icing and pushed a Mikado chocolate stick into the bottom.  I then added shavings of milk chocolate to the cake to give it a little more earthy look!

Freehand fondant Iron Man


Open box display of all 24 cakes (just about anyway…it’s hard to get 24 cakes in one photo!!)

 If you have any questions feel free to comment!   I hope you enjoyed reading something a little bit different from me this time.

Anyway, that was enough masculinity for me for one day I’m off to use my purple Kitchen Aid with my purple apron just to compensate…haha!

Happy Baking!

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