Purple & Cream Cupcake Bouquet

I created this cupcake bouquet as a display model for my stall at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam (I hosted my first stall there yesterday!).  It was a great market and so nice to see so many people all enjoying the cupcake creations, the table display and the cupcake bouquets on display!



This particular bouquet is made with small and large sized cupcakes each topped with coloured buttercream and some crispy and sugar pearls for extra “jazz”!

I created two bouquets with the purpose to show the visitors my style of cakes however I thought I should also share the photos on my webpage for all my lovely blog followers to also enjoy!  I made two bouquets but unfortunately forgot to photograph the other one without it’s display case on!! You can just about make it out on the photo below but the reflection makes it a little difficult to see!


Below are some photos of the stand too.  We displayed the cupcakes in plastic containers and added ribbon handles to the folks who wanted to eat them later (or should I say had the to willpower to resist eating them straight away!). I thought it was so nice to see the little Baking Tin labeled containers filled with cakes swinging in people’s hands as they wandered the rest of the market!  There were 4 flavours of cupcakes:

  1. Naughty Nutella – A chocolate flavoured sponge filled with a smidgen of Nutella and topped with a beautifully rich Nutella Buttercream frosting
  2. Lovely Lemon – A light lemon sponge filled with a spoonful of lemon curd and topped with a refreshing lemon flavoured buttercream icing
  3. “24 Carot” Carrot Cake – A traditional carrot cake topped with a cream cheese frosting, sprinkling of cinnamon and a marzipan carrot!
  4. Moreish Malteser – A Malteser flavoured cake with a creamy vanilla frosting topped with crushed Maltesers

IMG_9150  IMG_9152


Ahhhh….calorie free knitted cupcakes!!


All set and ready to go!


Lunchtime rush!

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