New Job Flower Bouquet

This cupcake bouquet was made for someone to celebrate their new job.  The bouquet includes a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with buttercream roses.  It survived an hour train journey which I am very pleased about!


There are 36 large cupcakes and 20 smaller ones.

IMG_6834 IMG_6833

An extra addition to this bouquet was several cake pops!


The cake pops were covered with melted white chocolate tinted with food colouring gels.  I attempted to swirl rose patterns to the tops.  Perhaps I need more practice though!

This cake was a perfect gift and fed the entire team (for a few days!)

Good luck Priscilla in your new job!

2 thoughts on “New Job Flower Bouquet

  1. Lovely to see this amazing cupcake bouquet got its own post on your blog :-)!!! It was a feast for both our eyes and tastebuds, we finished it till the last delicious crumb ;-)! Thank you Helen!!!


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