The “Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink” Cake

So, I finally got round to using all 5 of the Wilton Easy Pans I mentioned in my post “Naked Three-Tier Raspberry Sandwich”.  Wow, they are so easy!!! From one cake batter you can make 5 different layers. Gone are the days of lots of batter and enormous cakes which you struggle to eat before they become stale!

Wilton refers to a similar cake ethos as the “Kitchen Sink Cake” although I prefer the “Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink” Cake as it seems more appropriate!



For this cake I used my 3 eggs – 150g – 150g – 150g cake batter recipe.
I weighed and divided up the mixture evenly and made 5 different flavours:
– Lemon
– Chocolate
– Coconut
– Raisin
– Raspberry swirls

IMG_7376     IMG_7377

In addition, I flavoured the buttercream icing for between the layers to correspond to the cake layer below.


On the top I shaved lemon, dark chocolate, added desiccated coconut and piped some of the raspberry icing for an added touch!!

IMG_7382    IMG_7379    IMG_7381

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